Trader Joes Brands – Intro

These days I must use discretion when ordering from coffee shops. My weight management program, thankfully, offers a concise rundown of their drinks and points values, though I’ve been unable to find one for hot sipping chocolate. No matter, anyway, for we recently found a less expensive, and equally rich alternative in Trader Joe’s brand sipping chocolate mix. Last week we received their latest newsletter in the mail (if you don’t receive it, imagine the Seinfeld-esque J. Peterman’s catalog, devoted to food), and the second we saw this, we had plans for the weekend.

One word of warning, something I have trouble heeding myself, given my paranoid cooking skills: for optimal results, know how to heat up milk. I had a saucepan of 2% going while my husband chided me in the background. Don’t turn it up too high, you’ll scald it! Scald it! Waaah! My initial finished product – three even tablespoons of thick powder in 1/3 cup milk, resulted in many little lumps. The milk hadn’t warmed up enough, but at least I didn’t burn it entirely.

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