Organic Coffee Brand Names

What is the best way to find the best healthy organic coffee? Many simply search for organic coffee brand names. Jamaican Blue Mountain and Organic Kona Coffee come to mind as well known and popular, albeit expensive, organic coffee brand names. But aren’t there a lot of good organic coffees? There certainly are. In the little country of Panama mountain grown organic coffee brand names include the likes of Kotowa. This small coffee plantation in the highland of Chiriquí Province has won international honors for its fine organic coffee. When looking for good organic coffee, do a little research. Don’t just follow the most popular organic coffee brand names. Look for the best organic brands of coffee and not just the most popular names. Here are a few thoughts about getting the best bang for your buck when buying organic coffee.

Arabica versus Robusta

If you are looking for the best organic coffee, buy Arabica organic coffee. There are two distinct species of coffee, coffea Arabica and coffea canephora. These are simply referred to as Arabica and Robusta. General consensus has it that Arabica is the more flavorful of the two although Robusta usually carries higher caffeine content. Wild Arabica plants grow as high as twelve meters although commercially grown plants are typically trimmed to allow for easy picking and care. An Arabica plant matures in seven years and does best at about a mile above sea level where it receives about four feet of rain a year. An ideal location for growing Arabica coffee is the Cafetero of Colombia. This is, in fact, where some of the world’s best coffee, Arabica, comes from.

Robusta coffee grows as high as ten meters in the wild although it is typically trimmed for commercial use. The Robusta plant produces more coffee than an Arabica plant and higher caffeine content per each of its green coffee beans. Robusta, as the name implies, is a tougher plant that is more disease and pest resistant. The problem for poor Robusta is that it does not taste as good as Arabica. Although Nestle buys huge quantities of Robusta for caffeine for its various drinks, the best organic coffee brands names are not Robusta coffees.

Brazil, Colombia, Central America

The biggest exporter of coffee in the world, by far, is Brazil. Brazil is also the biggest exporter of Arabica coffee. Colombia was historically the second leading coffee producer but was knocked down to third when Vietnam began production of huge quantities of Robusta coffee. Nevertheless, Colombia is still famous for its Juan Valdez organic coffee brands. Here is a list of Colombian organic coffee brands.

Colombian Organic Coffee Brands and Colombian Retail Prices
Brand Retail/Pesos Retain Quantity Retail/Dollars
Volcan 20000 500 grams $11.11
Linea Roja 19000 500 grams $10.56
Sostenible 24500 500 grams $13.61
Origen 25000 500 grams $13.89
Frailes 18600 500 grams $10.33


All of these organic coffee brand names are available in retail stores and coffee shops in the Colombian coffee growing district, the Cafetero, and throughout the country. Finding Volcan, Linea Roja, Sostenible, Origen, or Frailes outside of Colombia is a different matter. If you are visiting Colombia you can carry these products out with you but don’t be surprised if the soldier checking your carry on in Bogotá pin pricks the bag and passes it in front of the mechanical coffee sniffer and the really big dog at his side. There are some great coffees in Latin America without the famous organic coffee brand names like Kona. A little research will help find the best. If you need help with a bag or two or with wholesale coffee, contact us at Buy Organic Coffee.

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