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Having found out I was allergic to soy, I began my mission to search for a protein powder that had no soy. This was no easy deed, I looked through all of my containers of it, and there biggest day, was a listing of soy in the ingredient section for each one of them. I was pleasantly surprised one day while shopping at Trader Joe’s to find a protein powder containing no soy called Trader Joe’s Hemp Protein Powder. When I looked at the ingredient and nutrition label, this is what I found:

•130 calories per serving
•No saturated fat
•9 grams of protein
•500 mg of Omega 3
•10 essential amino acids
•It is also gluten free!
•It is soy free!
•Low in sodium
•High in iron
•High in dietary fiber

Any one who has suffered from food allergies knows it is no fun. I believe Trader Joe’s Hemp’s is great for those allergic to soy or gluten or for those who just want to see if it may make a difference in their life.

This powder’s taste does take some getting use to. I do not know if it is the absence of the soy or the gluten, but it definitely has a much grittier texture than most powders I have used. I have tried the chocolate and the vanilla flavors, and the chocolate really does not taste like chocolate but it okay. I do like the fact, though; that it has a small list of ingredients in comparison to some others (that taste like candy).

I was also taken back a bit by the amount of protein per serving in the Trader Joe’s Hemp Protein Powder in comparison to other protein powders. This one only offered 9 grams of protein per serving while many protein powders now offer 15-25 grams of fiber per serving. Because I like this product so much, I just mix it together with things like natural oatmeal or yogurt ( mixes well with creamier items) to make up for the protein it lacks.

If you are allergic to soy or just want a change from soy an interesting read is Soy: To Good To Be True-posted by Dr. Joseph Mercola

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