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While Jamaica is known as a wonderful vacation and honeymoon spot, the island has another claim to fame. It is where Blue Mountain coffee is grown. And if you are a coffee aficionado, you know about what is arguably the world’s best coffee.

But what is it that makes is so good?

First, a bit of history.

Coffee originated in Africa in the higher elevations. It made its way into Arabia, where many folks think it actually came from. But it was in Arabia that coffee got its start as a common beverage.

Coffee is grown around the world between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer. It is second only to oil as a money producing crop.

What makes a good cup of coffee is the climatic conditions where it is grown. And naturally grown coffee far surpasses commercial plants that are cultivated in full sun with the addition of chemical fertilizers.

The thing that makes Organic Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee so good is the environment in which it is grown. The coffee plants have been allowed to continue to grow without much human intervention. The canopy of shade trees is perfectly suited for the coffee to develop at just the right speed. The shade causes slower maturing of the coffee beans (or cherries). The natural sugars develop inside the beans so you don’t get the bitter taste as in some coffees.

Another factor is the temperature. The higher elevations maintain a fairly constant temperature around 70 degrees. And, apparently there is just the right amount of rainfall on Blue Mountain.

Finally, the plants grow totally without the addition of chemical fertilizer.

If you have not ever had Organic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, you must try it at least once. The cost is quite high, but, Oh, the taste is amazing!

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