Fair Trade Coffee Starbucks

It seems that Starbucks is jumping on the Fair Trade bandwagon all over the world, and they recently have started serving Fair Trade cappuccinos and lattes in Ireland and the UK. They have chosen to offer 100% Fair Trade coffee that is certified within all of their espresso drinks, which means that any cappuccino, mocha, or latte that you order within your Starbucks visit in the UK and Ireland will be guaranteed 100% certified.

Just to clarify, Fair Trade is a method of coffee growing that guarantees all coffee farmers fair wages in their coffee production. This is incredibly important if you are a coffee lover because this method is necessary to ensure that farmers can adhere to a higher quality in their coffee production because their wages are guaranteed for them. Coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world, only second to oil, and there are many farmers that are pressured into serving subpar coffee beans due to supply and demand. When a farmer works under these certified standards, then you can count on the coffee being grown in a smaller environment where the quality is protected and cultivated to ensure that the beans will offer a premium flavor and taste. These standards also enable farmers to invest in programs in their communities, which enhances the coffee productivity in their economies as a whole.

Starbucks focused on doing good globally, especially with this expansion of their certified coffee production. These Fair Trade methods are something that benefit coffee farmers all over the world because they do enable them to have security in their coffee production. There are economic issues occurring worldwide, and this is a protection for all coffee farmers to make sure that they can stay ethical in their business practices and produce a quality coffee crop. Starbucks claims that they are the world’s largest purchaser of this variety of coffee, and they are switching to Fair Trade in Ireland and the UK to contribute to the global expansion of this coffee in the hopes of benefiting small farm coffee growers all over the world.

On top of that, Starbucks is also working with Fair Trade farmers to enhance the quality of their coffee through improvement in their agricultural and environmental methods. This is supposed to be able to expand the amount of crops that a small farm coffee producer can cultivate, all the while using ethical growing practices. Starbucks also hopes to contribute to many coffee growing communities to make sustainable changes by empowering farming organizations. These efforts will help to give farmers access to cheap credit, especially in the programs made available to them, like Verde Ventures, Calvert Fund, and Root Capital.

What Europeans now have to look forward to in their Starbucks visits is that their coffee will not only be delicious as usual, but it also will benefit coffee farmers all over the world by promoting better business practices. This is exactly what to look for in a premium, economically friendly cup of Joe!

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