Fair Trade Products

Over the past few years, people have become more and more aware of fair trade and sustainability projects. Fair Trade is defined as a social project in which people from first-world countries believe that farmers and craft makers from third world countries should be paid the same amount as they would be paid for their products if they were to sell them somewhere like the United States. Also, people who support this like to make sure that the farmers and craftsmen are taught about sustainability projects in order to use their extra profits to help benefit the community. There are many requirements that have to be met in order to be a producer or someone who regulates it to make sure the producers get the money they are supposed to get. Most of the goods that are produced are chocolate, coffee, tea, handmade bags, leather journals, and other handcrafts. Buying these items is a good way to make sure you are buying quality products and that your money will go towards a good cause.

One of the criticisms of Fair Trade is that when a consumer buys a product they may not be sure that their money is going right to the farmers or producers. This is where the people who regulate come into the picture. The people who regulate are there to make sure that most of the profit from the purchase of a product goes to the farmer or producer involved in the program. These people also help the farmers, producers, and members of their communities use some of the money to create a project that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. The hope is that eventually farmers and producers who are apart of a community are able to support themselves and their communities. Another goal of this organization is to help get marginalized producers into the International market that may otherwise not have access to without the help of a middle-man organization. Finally, these communities can be anywhere where the people need help making good money for their products, but these areas are mostly located in Latin America, Eastern Africa, and Southern Asia.

Fair Trade has become an increasingly popular social project that anyone and everyone can get involved with. It helps farmers and craftsmen in third world nations get into the extremely profitable International market. However, the main goal of this organization is to help farmers and producers get paid the same amount for their products that would if they were to sell their products in a place like the United States, for example. Then, when people make more money for their products they are able to then put some of that money back into their communities to help build sustainable projects. By buying these products, you can be almost positive that your money is going to a good cause and who knows what could be built in a community just from your purchases. It is always nice when you can buy good quality items and also know that your money is going to the people who deserve it.

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