Organic Fair Trade Coffee

Gourmet coffee isn’t just about the holidays anymore although the best sales are during those few weeks and months. Many people will buy high quality coffee yet not realize where it came from, what types of beans are in it, or all the great prices and discounts offered. Here are a few of the most common questions and answers below.

Q. What types of blends are in gourmet coffees?

A. There are many different ones, such as a blend of french roast, Colombian, and kona. Some others included may be Ethiopian or Jamaican blends.

Q. Do gourmet coffees come in flavors?

A. Yes, some blends may be caramel, cinnamon, vanilla or other aromatic flavors and can be either decaf or regular according to your own personal preference.

Q. Are there sample packs where I can try some to see which ones I like best?

A. Yes, there certainly are. Usually these will come in 3 or 6 variety packs and may be either single serving sizes or 12 cup pot size.

Q. Why is kona coffee so expensive?

A. Because kona beans are only grown on the island of Kona in Hawaii. The robust nutty flavor has made this an exceptionally popular coffee which carries a long cultural tradition through many years. Of course, there are kona blends which contain 10% kona to 90% other coffee, which tastes great as well and are much more affordable.

Q. What is organic coffee?

A. Organic coffee is coffee beans which have not been grown with the use of pesticides. This method of growing is as old as the ages, and many are returning to it to keep the earth as toxin free as possible.

Q. What does Fair Trade mean?

A. Fair trade means demanding a fair wage for those farmers who produce crops for people all over the world, including the United States which consumes 1/5 of all the coffee on the market. We demand that our coffee be produced fairly and competitively which keeps farmers from debt and poverty. Fair trade also helps to provide schooling, health and educational resources and helps to build homes and businesses which help farmers transition to organic farming.

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