Buy Organic Coffee Price List

Buy Organic Coffee Prices

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If you want ground coffee instead of whole bean coffee please specify this in your order.


We will be pleased to send you sample bags sufficient for two making cups of coffee for $4.99 a bag plus the cost of shipping for any of our coffees.

Individual Bags

Our price for individual bags of coffee is the base price plus shipping

Coffee and Origin

Panama Gourmet Coffee #1: Cafés de la Luna          Base Price: $22.50

This coffee is grown on a reclaimed seven acre coffee farm in the highlands of western Panama. The volcanic soil, high altitude and overcast weather favors some of the best coffee in the world. The Dos Jefes farm where this coffee was grown has been in operation since 2004 and aims for healthy, natural and flavorful coffee.

Cafes de la Luna

Cafes de la Luna

Panama Gourmet Coffee #2: Hartman Estate Coffee           Base Price: $20

This shade grown and bird friendly coffee is likewise grown in western Panama in volcanic soil. The cloudy weather and forested habitat result in growing coffee in the shade and a fine gourmet coffee. The farm boasts of having seen 273 species of birds on their coffee farm. As a point of reference 904 bird species have been seen in Panama and the entire USA has 888 bird species.

Hartmann Estate Coffee

Hartmann Estate Coffee

Panama Gourmet Coffee #3: Finca Lerida      Base Price: $22.50

This Panama natural coffee producer is one of oldest continually operated coffee farms in Panama. Finca Lerida exported coffee to Germany in 1929! This is another producer of high quality coffee in small amount in the highlands of western Panama.

Finca Lerida

Finca Lerida

Panama Gourmet Coffee #4: Hacienda Fennario      Base Price: $22.50

Premium gourmet coffee from Hacienda Fennario is “naturally cultivated without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. It is estate grown, harvested by hand and roasted in small batches.”

Hacienda Fennario Coffee

Hacienda Fennario Coffee

Panama Gourmet Coffee #5: Bajareque          Base Price: $22.50

This producer of Elida Estate coffees grows coffee at high altitude adjacent to the Volcan Baru National Park. This park surrounds the extinct 11,000 foot volcano that is responsible for the volcanic soil in the region. The grower describes their coffee as having a hint of rich chocolate with floral top notes and dynamic complexity. This is another coffee that grows in the cool and shade of the mountains of Panama where birds thrive.

Bajareque Coffee

Bajareque Coffee

Large Quantities of Colombian Coffee, Organic and Export Quality

Our best and most reliable source of high quality organic coffee is the coffee growing region of Colombia, the Eje Cafetero.

Our best price is for orders of 1,800 pounds or more. Shipped in 5.5 pound bags (2.5 kilos) this comes to 360 bags of USDA certified roasted whole organic coffee beans.

We will be pleased to have coffee in large quantities shipped directly to you anywhere in the world.

As an example a recent price quote for this quantity of organic coffee, air freight to Houston is $18,861.70.

Cafe Organico, 2.5 kilo bags (5.5 pounds) – USDA Organic and other certifications:

Cost for 360 bags = $18,861.70

Cost per bag = $52.39

Cost per kilo = $20.96

Cost per pound = $9.53

A recent price quote for high quality, export line, coffee is $17,277.00

Export Line, 2.5 kilo bags (5.5 pounds)

Cost for 360 bags = $17,277.00

Cost per bag = $47.99

Cost per kilo = $19.20

Cost per pound = $8.73

The prices quoted to us by our suppliers are typically good for a month. The above quote is based on most recent shipping costs via from Bogotá to Houston via Avianca Airlines

Delivery of large quantities of coffee from Colombia

Once payment is received in Colombia the production process takes four weeks to final roasting and packing.

Shipment by air is fastest and guarantees that your coffee retains its freshness.

Air Freight: 3-5 days anywhere in the world

Shipping by sea is more cost effective.

Shipping by sea:

USA and Canada: one week

Europe: two to three weeks

Japan: four to five weeks

Green Coffee

Buy Organic Coffee can also help you with large shipments of green coffee from Colombia.

We would be pleased to offer quotes for a 20 foot shipping container and arrange for shipping to you.

Contact us via our Contact Us page.


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