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Keurig Coffee Maker Recall

USA Today just announced Keurig recalls for more than 6.6 million coffee makers in the USA. The model is K10 and the ID number starts with 31. The issue is burns. Keurig Green Mountain is recalling about 6.6 million MINI Plus Brewing Systems in the U.S. and 564,000 in Canada following burn reports, according to […]


How Do You Make Turkish Coffee?

There are many ways to make and enjoy coffee and especially healthy organic coffee. One of these is Turkish coffee. What is and how to you make Turkish coffee? Turkish coffee is an entirely different way to make coffee from how it is done in coffee houses in North America and is, basically, how folks […]


Best Brewed Coffee

The best brewed coffee starts with the best coffee beans, properly stored and ground immediately prior to brewing. The best brewed coffee is free of the many impurities too often found in regular coffee. The best brewed coffee is healthy organic coffee, preferably one of the excellent Colombian organic coffee brands.   Old Time Family […]