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Where Does Your Coffee Come From?

Americans love their coffee. Although Northern European countries like Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands drink more coffee per capita the larger US population times a high consumption rate result in the US drinking more coffee than any other nation. Where does all of this coffee come from?


How Long Will Cheap Coffee Last?

Arabica coffee futures fell by 24% in 2016 but how long will cheap coffee last? speculates on Arabica coffee futures and asks if the rout in prices will end in 2016. Coffee futures proved among the worst ag performers of 2015 – in particular New York-traded arabica ones which dropped by 24%, compared with […]


Can Coffee Save Brazil’s Economy?

Brazil, the largest coffee producer in the world by far, is in dismal economic straits. The Great Recession followed by slowing of the Chinese economy has greatly reduced exports of raw materials. The Brazilian economy is in recession and the Brazilian currency, the real, has fallen sixty percent versus the US dollar in the last […]