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Organic Shade Grown Coffee Brands

Shade-grown coffee comes from coffee plants grown under a tree canopy. Coffee growers plant both coffee and a variety of shade trees. This is a sustainable agricultural practice resulting in high quality organic coffee. Shade trees attract birds and are the cornerstone of a healthy habitat. Some coffee farmers plant plantain and other trees which […]


Naturally Organic Coffee from Colombia

In our continuing search for healthy organic coffee I was visiting Colombia. In the heart of the Colombia coffee district, the Cafetero, is the mountain town of Manizales. A million people live in and around this city at elevations of 7000 feet more or less. Elevations in the city vary by 500 feet above and […]


DoiTung Coffee from Thailand

A friend returned from a visit to the Far East and brought me a bag of DoiTung coffee from Thailand. This is single source, shade grown Arabica coffee. It is an offshoot of the the DoiTung development project started and nurtured by the Princess Mother of Thailand. The DoiTung brand comprises four business units which […]