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Coffee from Manizales Colombia

Some of the best coffee in the world comes from a place where the highway signs give you a choice of heading to Bogota or Medellin. This piece of coffee heaven is Manizales, Colombia. The main highway to neighboring Pereira is even called the coffee highway, the Careterra de Café. Coffee grows everywhere from lowlands […]


Organic Colombian Coffee K Cups

Here is the dilemma. People like single serve coffee because of the convenience. And many folks prefer high quality organic coffee from places like Colombia. What to do? Can you find organic Colombian coffee k cups? First of all here are a couple of sources or organic Colombian coffee k cups that we found on […]


How Do You Make the Best Cup of Coffee?

Look on the web for how to make the best cup of coffee and you see a bunch of ads promoting coffee makers, do it yourself coffee gismos and a French press for only $14.99 plus shipping and handling. How do you make the best cup of coffee? It starts with good coffee beans and […]