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Barrel Aged Coffee

Think of liqueur coffee with the aroma but without the liqueur and you will get barrel aged coffee. The Washington Post published an interesting article about roasted coffee that is stored in a barrel previously used for liquor and comes out with some of the aroma and taste of the previous occupant of the barrel. […]


Varieties of Liqueur Coffee

There are probably as many varieties of liqueur coffee as there are liqueurs. We would like to suggest that you make any or all of them with healthy organic coffee, preferably one of the Colombian organic coffee brands. Here is a list of some of the varieties of liqueur coffee and then we present a […]


Why Do You Drink Coffee?

Why do you drink coffee? You might respond like the mountain climber intent on climbing a jagged peak, because it is there. You might also lecture for an hour or so about the health benefits of drinking coffee. But, why do you drink coffee? Is it the taste or aroma? Is it the morning wakeup […]