Organic Coffee Brand Names

More and more of us have the understandable desire to get away from the many artificial chemicals in our food, supplements and skin care products. That’s why we often look for organic face cream and antioxidant face cream. We have no trust in all those chemicals that are routinely placed in face cream and skin care lotion and gel.

This is even true — I think it is especially true — of the famous names, the big brand-name products we see everywhere. The bigger the brand name, it seems, the longer the list of chemicals I find on the label!

We look up organic face cream and antioxidant face cream because we want the purest skin care products possible, as natural as possible.

Now I have to say, I see the word “organic” tossed around so much, it’s often a meaningless word. Most of the time, there’s no way to know if it’s a genuine claim or just an advertising gimmick.

What I’ve had to do, is research the ingredients of the skin care products I use. My big question is, has every ingredient in this face cream been tested in clinical trials, with human volunteers?

Another important question for me, are all the ingredients as natural as possible, and does the product avoid those chemicals I’m highly suspicious of?

(If you’d like to read more, I have a list on my website of common, harmful chemicals found in face creams all over the place, including the shelves in your nearest pharmacy.)

Since oxidation damage from free radicals in our skin is one of the biggest causes of aging skin and wrinkles, I’m a firm believer in using the best available antioxidant face cream. And while I’ve already said I’m skeptical about “organic face cream” claims, I insist on skin care products that use natural ingredients proven effective in clinical testing.

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