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Did Someone Just Hack Your Coffee Maker?

We have just come across another excellent reason to use a French press or traditional methods as with Turkish coffee. Computer World tells us about when coffee makers attack. It was shocking to learn that the recent distributed denial-of-service attack of the nation’s internet infrastructure via DNS provider Dyn was aided and abetted by a […]


Your Moldy Coffee Maker

This unappetizing title has to do with cleaning your moldy coffee maker and removing the bacteria as well! Bacteria and mold are everywhere in the environment and when they land on moist surfaces they make themselves at home and start to reproduce. One of the unnoticed places in your home where this will happen is […]


How Do You Make Turkish Coffee?

There are many ways to make and enjoy coffee and especially healthy organic coffee. One of these is Turkish coffee. What is and how to you make Turkish coffee? Turkish coffee is an entirely different way to make coffee from how it is done in coffee houses in North America and is, basically, how folks […]