Organic Tea Vs Regular Coffee

There are many arguments for and against different types of milk. One example is organic milk vs regular milk. Many people wonder what are the differences, which one is healthier and why is one more expensive than the other. These questions are easily answered.

Organic milk is defined as being received from cows that have not been fed grain with pesticides in it. In addition, the cow has not been exposed to bovine growth hormones or antibiotics. If the cow has received antibiotics, then it has been kept away from the rest of the herd for a year.

In regards to regular milk the opposite is true. The cows receive a bovine growth hormone that assists them with increasing their milk production. The grain and hay they receive most likely has been treated with insecticides. If the cow becomes injured or sick, it will be treated with antibiotics.

Even though the cows do receive the hormone and the antibiotics according to USDA Standards the cow’s milk cannot have antibiotics in it and the milk tanks at diary farms are routinely checked to make sure they are antibiotic free.

In regards to increased amounts of CLA a professor at the university of wisconsin has stated that merely drinking organic milk will not increase the amounts of CLAs in your body but you need to eat more fruits and vegetables as well. The study also shows the amount of grass the cows eat does not substantially increase the amount of CLAs in the cow.

There are many differences between the two types of milk. The differences can trickle down into the cost of the milk. Prices of milk do vary by region. On the average, a gallon of organic costs approximately $5.00 and a gallon of regular milk costs about $3.50. The cost of the product is increased for organic milk as it takes more resources to grow healthy organic feed and hay for the cows. There is also an increased amount of care given to the animals, as they cannot utilize antibiotics.

There are many differences between organic and regular milk. The health benefits of organic milk outweigh the regular milk. Organic milk has no pesticides, chemicals or preservatives in it. It is a healthier alternative to regular milk. The bovine growth hormone has been linked to different adverse health conditions. It is definitely healthier to drink organic and pay the extra price than consume the regular type of milk.

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