Starbucks Shade Grown Coffee

Starbucks has been a favorite morning stop for millions of people since they opened their first store in 1971. Their famous coffees, frappes, espresso and other drinks start with high-quality coffee beans and other ingredients.

Recently, beginning in 2006, Starbucks decided to buy only coffee that has been grown organically using earth-friendly farming practices. Their coffee can be bought in their stores or in the coffee section of your local supermarket.

One of the favorites with coffee lovers everywhere is Starbucks’ Breakfast Blend, a flavorful blend with a crisp taste to start the morning right. Out of all the flavors, roasts and blends, this one continues to be one of the most popular.

Starbucks features coffees from all over the world, each with its own unique flavor and aroma. Their Italian Roast, for example, is dark roasted with a slightly smoky, sweet flavor. Café Verona is a bold and rich coffee, a favorite of many people for after dinner enjoyment.

If you like more exotic flavors, you might try Starbucks’ Peru Chanchamayo blend with its subtle, nutty undertones. Or you may want to try some of their limited offerings of seasonal coffees such as Mexico Chiapas; shade grown in the rich volcanic soil of the mountains of southern Mexico, it has a crisp and nutty taste, smooth and a bit sweet. Flavored with hints of chocolate and hazelnut, this coffee is a favorite that Starbucks’ customers look forward to each year.

Starbucks’ Asia/Pacific coffees are generally earthy, full-bodied and smooth. They include coffees from Sumatra, India, Bali and other tropical climates. Coffees from Africa boast floral aromas, exotic flavors and one can often taste a hint of fruit or wine in these beans. Latin American coffees have great variety from light and well rounded to smooth and refreshing.

Starbucks coffee has consistent good quality due to their stringent requirements and buying practices. It’s no wonder this brand is so popular with coffee lovers!

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