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Did Gourmet Coffee Start with Alfred Peet?

Most of us of a certain age grew up drinking mass produced ground coffee such as Maxwell House or Folgers. The concept of whole bean coffee roasted and ground just before making coffee did not exist. At least it didn’t until Alfred Peet came along. Did gourmet coffee start with Alfred Peet? Investor’s Business Daily […]


Panama Gourmet Coffee

We often mention Panama mountain grown organic coffee on this web page. We also note that there are a lot of small coffee growers who use sustainable agricultural practices who do not seek USDA organic coffee certification or certification by other agencies such as UTZ or Rainforest Alliance. There are several producers of Panama gourmet […]


DoiTung Coffee from Thailand

A friend returned from a visit to the Far East and brought me a bag of DoiTung coffee from Thailand. This is single source, shade grown Arabica coffee. It is an offshoot of the the DoiTung development project started and nurtured by the Princess Mother of Thailand. The DoiTung brand comprises four business units which […]