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Organic Ways to Fight the Coffee Borer Beetle

An old pest is back and posing a major threat to Brazil’s coffee crop. According to Reuters the coffee borer beetle is causing major damage to coffee crops in the world’s leading producer. Coffee growers in parts of Brazil are grappling with the worst beetle infestation in recent memory as a ban on a pesticide […]


What Is El Niño Doing to Colombian Coffee Production?

The weather effects of El Niño are unpredictable. The last time it hit Colombia torrential rains damaged coffee crops. This time around there is drought in large parts of the Eje Cafetero. In some parts the drought is so bad that the coffee growers association (FNC) and the government are discussing ways to support coffee […]


Coffee Borer Beetle Thrives on Caffeine

A constant threat to coffee production is an infestation by the coffee borer beetle. This insect burrows into the coffee bean and lays its eggs. The larva thrives by eating the bean after it hatches. The coffee borer beetle is not bothered by the caffeine in the coffee bean although caffeine is essentially poisonous to […]