Varieties of Liqueur Coffee

There are probably as many varieties of liqueur coffee as there are liqueurs. We would like to suggest that you make any or all of them with healthy organic coffee, preferably one of the Colombian organic coffee brands. Here is a list of some of the varieties of liqueur coffee and then we present a recipe or two.


Liqueur Coffee - Irish Coffee

Liqueur Coffee - Irish Coffee


Name of Liqueur Coffee and Liqueur Used

Gaelic coffee: (Drambuie or Glayva)
Irish Coffee: (Whiskey)
Brandy Coffee: (Brandy)
Keoke Coffee: (Brandy and Kahlúa)
English Coffee: (Gin)
Calypso Coffee: (Tia Maria or Kahlúa and Rum)
Jamaican Coffee: (Tia Maria & Rum)
Shin Shin Coffee: (Rum)
Baileys Irish Cream Coffee
Monk’s Coffee: (Bénédictine)
Seville Coffee: (Cointreau)
Witch’s Coffee: (Strega)
Russian Coffee: (Vodka)
Priest Coffee: (Brennivín)
Corfu Coffee: (Koum Quat liquor)
Kaffee Fertig: (Coffee: with Swiss prune schnapps)
Caffè corretto: (grappa, brandy or Sambuca)

How Do You Make Liqueur Coffee?

  • Use a clear liqueur coffee glass and pre heat it
  • Add 25 ml of liqueur of choice
  • Mix in one teaspoonful of raw cane sugar, preferable organic
  • Use a strong Americano coffee although some prefer espresso
  • Fill the glass to one inch from the top with coffee
  • Add slightly whipped cream, pouring over the back of a spoon so that it layers over the top of the coffee and liqueur mixture

Coffee for a Cold Night

We wrote previously about making Irish coffee. Irish coffee has its origins at the airport in Shannon, Ireland on a cold night to warm up passengers waiting for a transatlantic flight. Any of the liqueur coffee can fill this same need for a warm alcoholic drink with a coffee pick me up included. There are as many variations as there are varieties of liqueur coffee. For example, here are recipes for Gaelic Coffee and Calypso coffee.

Making Gaelic Coffee


3/4 oz Irish whiskey
3/4 oz Irish cream
1 1/2 oz dark creme de cacao
2 oz milk
1 tblspful espresso

A few drops of green crème de menthe
Add the whiskey, crème de cacao and milk to a warmed coffee liqueur glass and mix
Sprinkle in a few drops of crème de menthe for color
Pour slightly whipped cream over a spoon into the cup to create a layer on top
Add another few drops of crème de menthe if you like

Making Calypso Coffee


1 oz TiaMaria coffee liqueur
5 ounces of strong black coffee
1 ½ ounces of whipped cream
1 tsp sugar

Mix the liqueur sugar in the bottom of a liqueur coffee glass
Add the coffee
Pour whipped cream to layer out over the top

A Cold Night Can Be the Mother of Invention

Winter is coming and with it the need for an occasional warm drink. The basic recipe for liqueur coffee is a good place to start. Pick your favorite liqueur and your favorite organic coffee. Make sure to get organic cream and organic sugar. The point is produce not only a drink that tastes good but also one that is visually appealing as well. Do not be afraid to experiment a bit to arrive at your favorite liqueur coffee to please yourself and impress your friends.


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