Colombian Organic Coffee Brands

Colombian coffee is widely acclaimed as some of the best coffee in the world. But what about Colombian organic coffee brands? Any coffee grown in Colombia qualifies for Juan Valdez designation, meaning that the Colombian Coffee Growers Association certifies it as 100% Colombian. Coffee from Colombia is good and healthy organic coffee from Colombia is excellent. Think of some of the best organic coffee in the world and think of Juan Valdez, certified and Colombian, organic coffee from the Colombian Cafetero.

Juan Valdez Colombian Coffee

The Juan Valdez trade name came from the Colombian Coffee Growers Association nearly half a century ago. It is meant to give the buyer assurance that the coffee they purchase is 100% Colombian. Although there is a popular Juan Valdez coffee house chain in Colombia the name Juan Valdez is simply meant to guarantee 100% Colombian content. This can be an issue in current days as the recent El Niño drastically reduced coffee harvests in the Colombian Cafetero forcing growers to import coffee beans from Peru. Nevertheless, The Colombian Cafetero is still a major coffee producer where growing organic coffee in the shade is tradition and great organic coffee is common. So, what are some Colombian organic coffee brands?

Colombian Organic Coffee Brands and Retail Prices in Colombia



Retail Quantity

Retail in Dollars

Volcan 20000 500 grams $11.11
Linea Roja


500 grams




500 grams




500 grams




500 grams


This table lists Colombian organic coffee brands available in the Colombian Cafetero. Prices are retail in Colombian Pesos and the US dollar equivalents are based on the late 2012 exchange rate of around 1,800 Colombian Pesos to the US dollar. Purchasing Juan Valdez organic coffee, that is to say Colombian organic coffee brands, is easy in Colombia and is easy if it has been exported from Colombia. However, getting Colombian organic coffee brands sent from Colombia can be difficult.

Obtaining Colombian Organic Coffee Brands from Colombia

Colombia’s civil war began in the 1950’s and is still going. What began as a political contest has largely turned into groups of drug lords and mini drug lords and kidnappers hiding out in the jungle with little chance of reintegrating into society. The government has pushed the rebellion out of the cities long ago but the surviving drug lords in the jungle still seek to ship their product out of the country any way that they can. Thus, if you are going to fly out of Manizales, Pereira, Medellin, Cali, or Bogotá expect to have your bags searched for drugs as a large drug-sniffing police dog sits by. The office will pin prick any bags of coffee that you are carrying and test with a mechanical “sniffer” if not the large pooch at his side. If you decide that you would like to forego this experience and mail your coffee back home forget it. You cannot mail packaged coffee out of Colombia! If you are interested in Colombian organic coffee brands you need to carry the coffee out yourself or deal with someone who exports Colombian organic coffee brands. So, if you yearn for organic coffee antioxidants from the land of Juan Valdez you need to find a supplier outside of Colombia or fly via COPA to Pereira or Avianca to Manizales and bring a few bags back with you and make sure not to irritate the Colombian Pooch in Bogotá. For more information about Colombian organic coffee brands feel free to contact us at

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