Where Can I Buy Fresh Coffee from Colombia?

Colombia produces large quantities of the best Arabica coffee in the world. Coffee is best when fresh. So, your question should be, where can I buy fresh coffee from Colombia? We would like to present a little background to help you with finding the greatest coffee at reasonable prices. The bottom line is that you should buy Arabica coffee directly from Colombia but why is that? First, a little bit about Colombian coffee beans.

Colombian Coffee Beans

Colombian coffee history started in the 18th century when coffee was reported to be grown near the Meta and Orinoco Rivers. Commercial production was first reported in the early 19th century. But, it was the arrival of coffee growers in the Manizales region that started the development of a coffee-growing center that today produces the most high-quality Arabica coffee in the world. Although there are lots of great coffees in the world, nobody produces the amounts of Arabica coffee that Colombia does along the Andes massif. Rich volcanic soil, lots of rain, excellent drainage (mountain sides), and a coffee-growing culture that goes back nearly two centuries come together to produce the largest amounts of high-quality Arabica coffee in the world. Colombian coffee beans make great coffee and the fresher they are, the better they are.

Coffee Direct from Colombia

Coffee making can be simple or complicated. The best end result depends upon having the best quality coffee (Coffee from Colombia) and the freshest beans (shipped directly from Colombia to you). Green coffee beans retain their freshness for a couple of years when properly stored (cool and dry). Roasted coffee beans retain their freshness for up to six months with the right storage conditions. Ground coffee starts to lose its freshness as soon as air gets in contact with the grounds.

The problem with large commercial quantities of Colombian coffee is that they sit in storage until they are distributed, sold to the consumer, and made into coffee. If you value freshness, you want coffee direct from Colombia. This means that you need to buy from small local roasters (trilladoras) around Manizales, in towns like Chinchina, or around Saladoblanco in the Department of Huila. Or you need to speak Spanish and deal with growers like the Finca La Paula in Huila. Alternatively, you can contact us at Buy Organic Coffee by leaving a comment on our site or sending an email to buyorganiccoffee@yahoo.com.

How to Import Coffee from Colombia

If you are visiting Colombia, you can purchase a few bags of local coffee at supermarket chains like Exito, la 14, or La Carulla and carry them back home in your luggage. Don’t be surprised if the military at the airport in Manizales, Medellin, Cali, Pereira, or Bogota pin prick your coffee bags and check them with a mechanical drug sniffer or pass them in front of a drug-sniffing dog who you really hope will not sit down (because he recognizes the smell of drugs). Buy your coffee in a store and don’t accept “presents” of coffee to take to someone back home.

Store-bought Coffee from Colombia Sent to You

If you would like to simply try a few bags of local “store” coffee from Manizales, we can ship to you by normal mail (takes up to four weeks). We can send up to 2 kg of coffee (four one pound bags) without going through the fuss of export procedures. Easily available local “store” coffees include Oma, La Loma, and Café Quindio.

  • Sending 2 kg of coffee from Manizales to anywhere in the USA: $30
  • Cost of a mix of 4 local coffees: $30
  • Cost of sending: included
Coffee Direct from Colombia
This is our current 4-pack of Colombian store-bought coffees.

Coffee from Colombian Processors and Coffee Farms

If you would like fresh Colombian coffee shipped directly from a local processor or coffee farm, please contact us by leaving a comment on our site or sending an email to buyorganiccoffee@yahoo.com.

We deal directly with these people and can arrange exportation of quantities for personal use as well as shipping containers full of green coffee from Colombia.

Fresh Coffee from Colombia Nevado del Ruiz
The Still-active volcano, Nevado del Ruiz
overlooking Manizales, Colombia

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