Galão, Guillermo or Green Eye Coffee?

Here are three coffee house coffee variations with espresso as the base. Galão is from Portugal and only takes one shot of expresso. Guillermo includes slices of lime and two shots of espresso. Green eye is also known as Triple Death as it starts with regular coffee and adds three shots of espresso. Here are instructions for how to make Galão, Guillermo or Green Eye Coffee.


Galão can be made with one part espresso and three parts foamed milk but it can also be made with one part espresso and one part foamed milk. The first way to make Galão is served in a tall glass and the second called meiia de leite is served in a coffee cup.

Make espresso with healthy organic coffee. Foam the milk with hot steam as you would with latte. Add the espresso.


You can make Guillermo hot or cold and with or without milk. Make the espresso as you normally world. Slice up a lime and put in a coffee cup. Pour the espresso over the limes and enjoy. For the cold variety add lime slices and ice to a tall glass and then pour in the espresso, two shots. Add a touch of milk if you desire.

Green eye

Green eye is also known as triple death because it contains a LOT of coffee. Use one of the excellent Colombian organic coffee brands to make a strong dark roast coffee. Using the same coffee make a triple shot of espresso. Add the triple shot of espresso to the dark roast coffee in a tall cup and enjoy.

How Much Caffeine Do You Need?

Coffee has lots of health benefits and several of these are a direct result of the caffeine in coffee. But, you do not necessarily need to drink all of your caffeine at one sitting. Thus our preference of the three coffees lists is the Galão. It only requires a shot of espresso and comes nicely mixed with foamed milk. Our second choice is the Guillermo with the unique addition of lime. Our preference for an all-night drive across the entire country is Green Eye.

Many Ways to Prepare Coffee

There are many ways to prepare coffee. Here are a few with links to articles about history and preparation.

Turkish coffee
Touba coffee
Café Medici
Black tie coffee
Café Bombón
Rüdesheimer kaffee
Eggnog latte
Liqueur coffees

To these you can add Galão, Guillermo and Green Eye Coffee.

Always Organic

Always remember that organic coffee is better. It is free of the more than 100 impurities found in regular commercial coffee and is better for the environment. Look for certification by the USDA, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ on the label. Organic coffee differs from regular coffee in several aspects. The soil in which organic coffee is grown must have been verified as free from prohibited substances for at least three years. In addition there must be distinct boundaries between land on which organic coffee is grown and land where pesticides, herbicides, and prohibited chemical fertilizers are used. This guarantees that drift of substances sprayed or otherwise applied on adjacent land will not contaminate the organic plot of land. Organic coffee certification includes the adherence to a specific and verifiable plan for all practices and procedures from planting to crop maintenance, to harvest, de-husking, bagging, transport, roasting, packaging, and final transport.

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