How Do You Make the Best Cup of Coffee?

Look on the web for how to make the best cup of coffee and you see a bunch of ads promoting coffee makers, do it yourself coffee gismos and a French press for only $14.99 plus shipping and handling. How do you make the best cup of coffee? It starts with good coffee beans and proper handling and storage. Then it moves on to roasting, grinding and boiling the water. Here are a few common sense thoughts about how to make the best cup of coffee.

High Quality Arabica Coffee

Last week we wrote about how in Nicaragua they are planting robusta coffee beans as a climate change resistant coffee. Robusta is the “other” coffee bean. It is more disease resistant than Arabica but does not give you the best cup of coffee. So long as they are still growing high quality Arabica coffee in the highlands of Central and South America, Africa and the East Indies use Arabica coffee beans for the best cup of coffee.

Fresher Is Better

Coffee taste and aroma comes from the antioxidants. They degrade (oxidize) over time. As a rule of thumb properly stored green coffee beans are good for two years. Properly stored roasted coffee beans are good for 6 months. Ground coffee starts to degrade as soon as it is exposed to the air. If you really want fresh Arabica coffee, especially organic coffee, consider having your green or roasted coffee shipped directly to you from the processor in the coffee growing axis, the Eje Cafetero, of Colombia. If you buy green coffee beans roast only enough for the day when making coffee. If you buy roasted coffee buy only enough for a few months to ensure freshness. Then store in a cool and dry place. Grind only enough to make each serving of coffee.


Coffee in Colombia

Coffee in Colombia

Basic Coffee Brewing Is Best

Single serve coffee is the latest craze. It is efficient in that you can make yourself a single cup of coffee. It is inefficient in that single serve coffee results in millions of plastic cups in the land fill. And single serve does not result in the best cup of coffee! To make the best cup of coffee use the best and freshest coffee. Then all you need to do is boil the water and add to your ground coffee. The commonest way to do this in Colombia where coffee is a way of life is to put the ground coffee in a cotton strainer and pour boiling water over the coffee and into a container below. In the low lands you may wish to let the boiled water sit for a minute to let the temperature reduce just slightly but if you are making coffee in Manizales, Colombia at about 7,000 feet boiling water is 198 degrees and you need not wait. Another basic way to make the best cup of coffee is to use a French press.

When you use a French press the coffee steeps just like tea. Because no filter is used you get the oils and particulate matter that contains so much of the aroma and flavor of the coffee. And the temperature of the coffee remains the same throughout the process until you pour into your coffee cup.

How to make the best cup of coffee is to stick with the basics which are great coffee, property stored, basic brewing and, of course, organic coffee.


Highway Sign Near Manizales Colombia

Highway Sign Near Manizales Colombia

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