Why Buy Arabica Coffee

Why buy Arabica coffee? If you are looking for a pick me up, robusta coffee beans contain more caffeine than Arabica beans. And Robusta coffee futures are sitting at around $1.10 a pound while Arabica futures are more than $2 a pound for lowest quality Arabica beans. So why buy Arabica coffee? People buy Arabica coffee because it tastes better and has a better aroma. Arabica is higher quality coffee than Robusta. Now the question is where do you get your Arabica coffee?

Colombian Organic Coffee

We are, by the way, an organic coffee site. The best coffee is Arabica and the best Arabica is organic from Colombia. Here is a little info about Brands of Organic Coffee from Colombia. Colombia produces the second largest amount of Arabica coffee in the world, second only to Brazil. Brazil is experiencing a drought and expected to see decreased production.  Colombia has recovered from the effects of the 2008 el Niño and expects to see a record harvest. Colombia’s production is forecast up 1.0 million bags to 12.0 million on higher yields.  With the increase in overall coffee production in Colombia one can expect an increase in organic production as well. Wholesale organic green coffee from Colombia is some of the best Arabica coffee in the world.

Wholesale Organic Arabica Coffee

Colombian coffee is the best Arabica coffee in the world. There are several outstanding Colombian organic coffee brands. Here is a short list of folks in the Cafetero who can provide organic wholesale coffee in quantity.

Linea Roja
Juan Valdez
Café Madrid
Fincas Aliadas
Eco Bio Colombia
Mountain View Coffee
Café Pitayo

Why Colombia?

Colombia ranks behind the larger country of Brazil in coffee but Colombia is the best producer of high quality Arabica coffee. To get organic wholesale coffee from Colombia you need to deal with a professional exporter because of issues unique to Colombia, namely a sixty year long civil war. Colombia’s civil war began in the 1950’s and is still going. What began as a fight for the rights of small farmers has largely turned into paramilitary groups of drug lords and mini drug lords and kidnappers hiding out in the jungle with little chance of reintegrating into society. The government has gotten the rebellion out of the cities but the surviving drug lords in the jungle still try to ship their product out of the country by various means. If you need help getting high quality organic Arabica coffee feel free to contact us at www.BuyOrganicCoffee.org. We will be pleased to find the coffee you want and need and to arrange export and shipping. Don’t worry about not speaking Spanish. We will deal directly for you with folks in the Eje Cafetero, the Colombian coffee growing district. Why buy Arabica coffee? It is the best. And the best of the best is organic Arabica coffee from heart of Colombia. Contact us today for more information.

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