Best Brewed Coffee

The best brewed coffee starts with the best coffee beans, properly stored and ground immediately prior to brewing. The best brewed coffee is free of the many impurities too often found in regular coffee. The best brewed coffee is healthy organic coffee, preferably one of the excellent Colombian organic coffee brands.


Best Brewed Coffee

Best Brewed Coffee

Old Time Family Gatherings or Coffee for the Two of You at Home

A tried and true means of making coffee for large family gatherings is to put coffee grounds, water, and maybe a cracked egg or two into a very large pot and boil. If you live in the coffee growing regions of Latin America you probably have a wire ring on a handle which holds a cotton bag in which you place ground coffee. Boil water; pour through the suspended ground coffee into a pot or right into the cup. Add sugar or milk to the cup and enjoy. Or you may have a French press or simply a drip coffee maker. Here are a few tips for the best brewed coffee at home.

  • Buy freshly roasted coffee beans, preferably organic, and store in a sealed jar in a cool place. Do not store in the refrigerator as you will get condensation on the beans each time you take them out.
  • Grind just enough beans for the coffee that you want. Grind finely for espresso, and less so for other brewing methods. If you find that your coffee seems too bitter grind less finely and if it seems weak grind more finely.
  • Use bottled or filtered water if you tap water has too much chlorine
  • Start with a tablespoonful or two of ground coffee for each six ounces of water and adjust to taste.
  • Aim for 200 degree Fahrenheit for brewing coffee. With a French press, for example, boil the water and wait a minute or so before adding coffee and water to the press.
  • For a drip system, figure on five minutes and for a French press just two minutes of contact between coffee grounds and water. Espresso takes thirty seconds or less.
  • Anyone who wants to try the Eje Cafetero cloth bag approach should grind the coffee very fine. Put the grounds in the bag and set over your coffee pot.
  • At sea level, let the boiled water rest for a minute before pouring. In the mountains water boils at less than 212 degrees so just go ahead and pour the just-boiled water over your freshly ground coffee.

The Coffee House Approach

If you think that the best brewed coffee needs a little more take the coffee house approach.

  • Americano
  • Breve
  • Cappucino
  • Latte
  • Mocha

Americano is espresso cut to half strength with water. When American GI’s discovered espresso in Europe in the aftermath of WWII they preferred coffee like mom made back in Des Moines. The request to dilute the espresso was so common that coffee houses came to refer to diluted espresso as café Americano.

Breve and latte are espresso made with steamed milk in the case of latte and half and half in the case of breve. Café au lait will pass for latte and breve is strong coffee with a lot of milk and cream.

Cappuccino is espresso and hot milk when is then steamed to make foam. Typically cappuccino comes with a dollop of whipped cream on the top.

Mocha is the coffee for chocolate lovers. Order it made with organic coffee house coffee, organic chocolate syrup, and organic milk for triple treat.

The best brewed coffee, traditional at home, or coffee house, starts with the basic steps.

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