Organic Coffee House Coffee

If you do not mind going out for a good cup of coffee your best bet is probably organic coffee house coffee. If you are confused about the variety of coffee house coffee types here is a little primer. But be sure to specify healthy organic coffee when you order. First of all, all organic coffee house coffee starts with organic green coffee beans, roasted and ground and made into espresso.

Organic Espresso

Organic espresso starts with organic coffee beans. The brew is very concentrated. It contains suspended solids as well as dissolved solid material from the roasted organic coffee bean. The coffee house makes organic espresso by forcing steam through finely ground organic coffee. The pressurized steam causes the suspension of solids and foam in the coffee and results in a thicker “feel” to the coffee. Organic espresso is served in a small cup, usually just an ounce. The coffee contains anywhere from forty to seventy-five milligrams of caffeine. This four times a strong, per ounce, as regular coffee. Along with more caffeine, organic espresso contains four times the concentration of organic coffee antioxidants as well. Once the person making the coffee, called the barista, makes espresso he or she is usually not done.

Americano, Breve, Cappucino and more

Organic espresso coffee is good, but using espresso as a base, the barista can make several delicious variations. They are as follows:

  1. Americano
  2. Breve
  3. Cappucino
  4. Latte
  5. Mocha

Americano is espresso cut to half strength with water. When American GI’s discovered espresso in Europe in the aftermath of WWII they preferred coffee like mom made back home. The request to dilute the espresso was so common that coffee houses came to refer to diluted espresso as café Americano. Make sure to ask for organic coffee house coffee when you order your Americano.

Breve and latte are espresso made with steamed milk in the case of latte and half and half in the case of breve. Café au lait will pass for latte and breve is strong coffee with a lot of milk and cream. Both breve and latte can be made with organic coffee house coffee.

Cappuccino is espresso and hot milk when is then steamed to make foam. Typically cappuccino comes with a dollop of whipped cream on the top.

Mocha is the coffee for chocolate lovers. Order it made with organic coffee house coffee, organic chocolate syrup, and organic milk for triple treat.

Organic coffee house coffee retains full bodied organic coffee aroma and taste without the up to one hundred and fifty impurities commonly found in regular coffee. Although many if not most coffee houses carry certified organic coffee you often need to ask. In addition, the same coffee house may or may not carry organic dairy products, sugar, or chocolate to go with your organic coffee. Be sure to ask and if they do not carry organic products ask them to consider doing so. Organic coffee grown by sustainable agricultural practices not only tastes good but is good for the environment as well.

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