Green Coffee Beans

If you want coffee with the best shelf life buy green coffee beans. Green coffee beans keep their freshness for up to two years providing that they have been properly cleaned, dried, and stored. Wholesale coffee is sold as green coffee beans. When coffee is picked, the fruit, or cherry, is red. The oldest means of processing coffee, called dry processing, involves cleaning the cherry and then sun drying. During the cleaning process overly ripe cherries, called stinkers, are removed as are twigs, leaves, and soil. Although a large sieve can be used to remove foreign material a person needs to check the cherries in order to remove stinkers which, as one might gather, lend both a bad smell and a bad taste to coffee. Sun drying reduces moisture content and increases the shelf life of the resulting green coffee beans. Workers rake the drying cherries in order to assure uniform drying. If the weather is too wet cherries are dried in large chambers with dry forced air. The air drying process typically takes about four weeks. Overly dry coffee becomes brittle causing beans to fracture during the hulling process. Moist coffee rots causing mold and bacteria to contaminate the lot.

Green Coffee Beans

When the coffee cherries have been properly dried they are sent to a mill where the hull of the cherry is removed, the green coffee beans are graded for quality, and bagged. Coffee is then shipped in hundred weight bags, a quintal. Healthy organic coffee is produced and processed much the same as ordinary coffee but lots must be segregated in order to maintain purity. Many of the beneficial health aspects of coffee are due to antioxidants found both in green coffee beans and produced in the roasting process. Once coffee is roasted the shelf life for flavor, aroma, and antioxidants is reduced from two years to six months, if roasted coffee is properly stored. Once roasted coffee beans are ground, the flavor, aroma, and antioxidant shelf life is reduced to days and even hours.

Wholesale Green Coffee Beans

Where can you buy green coffee beans? Of you are looking for Panama Mountain Grown Organic Coffee or many or the Colombian Organic Coffee Brands you will need to deal with an importer of coffee or a specialty roasting company. However, it is easy to get just-roasted coffee from places like Panama by contacting us at Buy Organic Coffee,  placing an order and receiving freshly roasted coffee beans in the mail in a week to ten days.

Healthy Organic Coffee

If you are going to the trouble of finding green coffee beans to roast yourself consider the coffee with organic coffee antioxidants. Antioxidants provide most of the health benefits of coffee. Coffee drinkers experience a lower risk of Type II Diabetes, prostate cancer, colon cancer, and endometrial cancer. Drinkers of organic coffee don’t need to worry about the up to one hundred fifty impurities found in regular coffee. Coffee grown under sustainable conditions, free or pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides not only has the benefits of coffee but advantage of a pure product as well. Looking for green coffee beans? Consider organic coffee as well. For more information, contact today.

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