Panama Mountain Grown Organic Coffee

Some of the best coffee in the world is Panama mountain grown organic coffee. Panama is the small Central American country that serves as a land bridge between North and South America. Many recognize the name because of the Panama Canal that connects Atlantic to Pacific. Panama has a mountainous spine, the Cordillera Central, in Spanish. This region is ideal for growing healthy organic coffee. It is in the rich volcanic soil of the Cordillera Central in the highlands of the province of Chiriquí that Panama grows some of the best coffee in the world. This is a relatively small region so Panama does not compete for tons of coffee produced against the large scale coffee producers like Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, or Indonesia. What Panama lacks in volume of production it more than makes up for in the quality of coffee that it produces.

A prime example of Panama mountain grown organic coffee is Duncan Estate organic coffee produced by Kotowa Coffee in the Chiriquí Highlands of Panama. This Arabica coffee grown by sustainable practices received honors as the best organic coffee in Panama in 2005 and the best organic coffee in the world in 2006. Duncan Estate organic coffee by Kotowa is certified by Bio Latina. Other Panama mountain grown organic coffee certified producers receiving Bio Latina organic coffee certification include the following:

  • Los Lajones Estate Coffee S.A.
  • Leap Of Faith Farms, Inc
  • Hacienda La Esperanza
  • Hacienda Barbara Jaramillo
  • Finca Señor Ramón Arauz
  • Finca San Miguel de La Montaña
  • Finca Ramon Arauz
  • Finca El Remedio – Ama de Casa
  • Finca Dos Jefes
  • Asociación de Caficultores Orgánicos Ngöbe Ascon

Coffee growing in Panama centers on the towns of Boquete and Volcan. This area is the Northeastern end of the arco seco, Spanish for dry arch, which is the agricultural breadbasket of Panama. The town of Boquete lies at 3,000 altitude and the highlands above the town range above and below 4,000 feet. The weather is often cloudy and the elevation gives relief from the heat of the coast. The soil is volcanic due to the eruption long of ago of the 11,000 foot volcano, Volcan Baru. The growing conditions are very similar to those in Hawaii where they grow organic Kona coffee.

The Boquete – Volcan region was discovered by many North Americans during the California Gold Rush. One of the means of getting from the East Coast of North America to the gold fields was to take a steamer to Panama and cross the isthmus on foot. One of the routes passed through a gap in the Cordillera Central of Panama. The Spanish word for gap, breach, or hole is boquete. The region was not heavily populated and experienced a population surge around the beginning of the 20 th century. It was in 1918 when Canadian Alexander Duncan McIntyre came to Panama. His family has grown coffee in the Chiriquí highlands of Panama for three generations. This story of family coffee farms, devotion to the soil, and pride in producing excellent coffee runs throughout the region. Thus Panama mountain grown organic coffee is some of the best in the world. Whether your interest is organic coffee aroma or healthy organic coffee antioxidants, Panama is place to find great organic coffee. For more useful information about Panama mountain grown organic coffee feel free to contact us at Buy Organic Coffee today.

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