Make Good Coffee at Home

You love the coffee at your local coffee house but would like to make good coffee at home as well. Start by considering why coffee house coffee is good. They start with high quality green Arabica coffee beans. They roast enough for the day. They grind the coffee just before brewing. And, they keep their coffee brewing apparatus clean.

Coffee House Coffee

Coffee house coffee is made from espresso. Ideally they use USDA organic certified coffee but that is not guaranteed. What makes their coffee good is that they follow the steps we noted above by using Arabica coffee beans from places like the coffee growing axis of Colombia. Because they buy green coffee beans that retain their freshness for up to two years, you are getting fresh coffee with lots of healthy antioxidants and excellent flavor. When they roast their beans that day there is no time for the roasted whole coffee beans to lose any of their freshness and, likewise, when they only grind enough for the batch they are brewing, there is no time for the coffee to get flat and tasteless.

Brewing Coffee

There are many ways of making coffee as noted in our coffee making article. One of the most common and best ways to make good coffee at home is to use a French Press.

Because this device uses a metal screen instead of a paper or cloth filter, more oils and minute solids remain in the coffee. The result is a deeper and richer taste that many coffee lovers prefer.

Buy Colombian organic coffee, whole beans, and roast just for the day if you have green coffee beans. If you have roasted whole bean coffee, grind just enough for what you want to make. Make the coffee and serve as soon as you get done pushing down the plunger.

If you like espresso, make sure to routinely clean the apparatus. A common way to make good coffee at home down in Colombia where great coffee comes from is to make pour over coffee. Put your ground in a cloth bag, boil the water, and pour it over the coffee. As with French press and espresso, only grind enough coffee to make what you are drinking and serving your guests.

Other ways of making coffee like Turkish coffee involve boiling the grounds in the water and letting them settle. If you want to mimic the coffee that great grandma made on the farm, make egg coffee buy breaking a couple of eggs into the pot before boiling and make enough to serve a large family gathering.

Practice Makes Perfect When You Want to Make Good Coffee at Home

The basics of good coffee beans, fresh coffee beans, and clean implements should never change but otherwise feel free to experiment with how strong you make your coffee, if you use a French press, try pour over, or take a turn a making espresso. With time you will find the exact process that makes the best coffee for you. Then, enjoy your coffee!

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