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Coffee Varieties Grown in Colombia

When coffee growers in Colombia sell their coffee harvest, the price is based on the New York commodity price, the USD to COP exchange rate, and a premium for coffee grown in Colombia. Colombia is the world’s biggest producer of Arabica coffee. Virtually no Robusta is grown in Colombia! The soil, weather conditions, coffee-growing culture, […]


Coffee Varieties That Defeat Leaf Rust

There is a fungus that infests coffee plants and threatens the world’s supply of Arabica coffee. It is coffee leaf rust in English and La Roja to Colombian coffee growers. This fungus is also the reason that the English converted from coffee drinkers to tea drinkers in the 19th century. In that era the main […]


Coffee Varieties: Caturra

Coffee varieties are the subspecies of coffee that occur by natural selection and by selective breeding. Disease resistance, yield and flavor vary from variety to variety. Variety or breed selection is critical to the planter as he or she must pick the optimal variety for altitude, sun or shade, soil conditions and climate. Regarding coffee […]