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International Coffee Day

The first International Coffee Day was October 1, 2015. Sponsored by the International Coffee Association this day is meant to promote fair trade coffee and raise awareness of the plight of coffee growers. The promoters hope to make this a yearly event. Your favorite coffee shop may offer free cups of coffee but don’t expect […]


Best Coffee Certification

What is the best coffee certification to look for when you want great coffee? What is the best coffee certification to look for if you want a product that has a low environmental footprint? What is the best certification to look for if you want coffee that was produced without child labor, dangerous working conditions, […]


Organic Coffee Certification

Just what is organic coffee certification and how does organic coffee certification insure the bona fid cup of organic coffee? Organic coffee differs from regular coffee in several aspects. The soil in which organic coffee is grown must have been verified as free from prohibited substances for at least three years. In addition there must […]