More Organic Coffee Can Lead to Less Diabetes

More organic coffee can lead to less diabetes. Drinking organic coffee reduces the incidence of Type II diabetes, the type that affects 95% of people with the disease. This has been known for some years but until recently no one really knew why. Now researchers at UCLA have found what may be the reason. It turns out that there is a protein called sex hormone-binding globulin. Its normal job is to regulate sex hormone activity in the human body. Researchers have long suspected that the same hormone has an effect on the development of Type II diabetes. How does organic coffee come into the picture? Drinking coffee increases the body’s levels of sex hormone-binding globulin.

So, what is the more organic coffee less diabetes proof? It turns out that researchers found the following. Women who drink at least four cups of coffee a day have less than half the incidence of Type II diabetes as women who do not drink coffee. The coffee drinkers all had elevated sex hormone-binding globulin levels while the non coffee drinkers did not. The relationship was complete between the elevated enzyme level and a reduced incidence of Type II diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association says that nearly 24 million Americans have diabetes of which more than 9 in 10 have the Type II variety. That comes to roughly 22 million people with Type 2 diabetes. The fact that more organic coffee can lead to less diabetes could be a significant issue in US public health.

The bottom line of the UCLA study was that drinking 4 or more cups of coffee a day, with caffeine, reduces Type II diabetes incidence by 56%, more than half. So, the next time you start to worry about getting diabetes maybe a useful measure could be to enjoy a good cup of organic coffee. That is because more organic coffee can lead to less diabetes.

The apparent reduction in Type II diabetes in those who drink four cups or more of organic coffee a day is not the end of the benefits of drinking organic coffee. Coffee has antioxidants which can help the immune system, reduce the inflammation that goes with atherosclerosis, and may even work to suppress certain types of cancers. The benefit of drinking organic coffee is that the individual is not adding potentially toxic contaminants to his coffee cup every time he makes a cup of coffee. Organically grown coffee does not use herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides. Organic coffee growers have gone back to the sustainable practices that have worked for centuries, long before pesticides and herbicides were even thought of much less invented.

A good cup of organic coffee is a great way to start the day. Many enjoy the wakeup effects of one of the world’s most popular beverages. Now we know that not only is drinking organic coffee an enjoyable pastime but that its many health effects can many from some of the ravages of such diseases as Type II diabetes, the inflammation of atherosclerosis, or, perhaps, even certain types of cancer. Organic coffee is grown under strict attention to sustainable agricultural practices and must pass stringent inspection in order to guarantee safe and sustainable delivery of organic beans for the production of your good cup of organic coffee.

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