Where Are the Real Coffee Drinkers?

In an article last week we asked who drinks the most coffee. It turns out what matters is the number of people in a nation who are drinking coffee more so that per capita coffee consumption.  Thus the USA is the hands down winner in the race to consumer the most coffee.

The USA consumes the most coffee followed by Germany Japan and France. What these nations lack in per capital consumption they make up for in population size.

But among the whole list of coffee drinking countries, where are the real coffee drinkers? In general the farther north you go the more coffee people drink.

The Netherlands Is Where the Real Coffee Drinkers Are

  1. Netherlands, 2.414
  2. Finland, 1.357
  3. Sweden, 1.257
  4. Denmark, 1.231
  5. Germany, 1.201
  6. Slovakia, 1.188
  7. Serbia, 1.17
  8. Czech Republic, 1.152
  9. Poland, 1.128
  10. Norway, 1.076

This is the list of the top coffee consuming countries rates by per capital coffee consumption. According to The Atlantic,

The Netherlands’ per-capita consumption of 2.4 cups a day is almost the same as those of the US, UK, Spain, and France combined.

It turns out that as a nation, The Netherlands are where the real coffee drinkers live.

What Occupations Drink the Most Coffee?

According to ABC7 Chicago here is the ranking of professions drinking the most coffee.

  1. Journalists and media staff
  2. Police officers
  3. Teachers
  4. Plumbers and trade workers
  5. Nurses and medical staff
  6. Company executives
  7. Telesales
  8. IT technical support
  9. Retail staff
  10. Drivers

The article quotes a study by a PR organization that surveyed ten thousand professionals. Seventeen out of twenty drank at least three cups a day and seven out of ten claimed that they would perform less well on the job if did not have their coffee. Where are the real coffee drinkers? They are in the news room, squad car or in front of their class.

Coffee Drinkers by State

The Daily Beast tells us which the twenty most caffeinated cities are. Their info comes from the research firm NPD Group.

Cities by number of coffee shops per 100,000 residents

Seattle, Portland, San Jose, San Francisco, Denver, San Diego, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Phoenix, Boston, New York, Miami

Estimated caffeine consumption per capital

Seattle, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Houston, Phoenix, San Francisco, Minneapolis, San Diego

Here the assumption that those in the north drink more coffee seems to break down. However, not everyone goes to the coffee shop for their pick me up.

What Age Group Drinks the Most Coffee?

Where are the real coffee drinkers? It turns out that the most frequent coffee consumption is in the sixty and older age group! Statista presents the results an online survey of coffee drinking consumers by the National Coffee Association.

This statistic shows the results of an online survey conducted by the National Coffee Association (NCA) from January 27 to March 2, 2014. U.S. survey respondents were asked what kind of beverages they have drunk during the past day. The survey revealed that coffee penetration among U.S. consumers aged between 18 to 24 years was 51 percent.

Percentage of Coffee Drinkers by Age Group

18-24 years, 51%
25-39 years, 62%
40-59 years, 63%
60+ years, 65%

It may be that the higher level of coffee consumption in the older age group is because of taste. But we know that coffee has a whole bunch of healthy effects. Could it be that those in younger age groups who did not drink coffee did not survive until later years???

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