Organic Coffee for Weight Loss

Organic green coffee is back as a weight loss tool. WebMD says that green coffee contains chlorogenic acid which is

thought to affect how the body handles blood sugar and metabolism.

Is organic coffee for weight loss a plausible approach? You would think so from looking at the ads on Amazon. To get an unbiased opinion we looked at what the respected Mayo Clinic has to say because these folks are not trying to sell organic green coffee beans. Here are a few of their thoughts on weight loss from green coffee extract.

Green coffee extract Reduces absorption of sugar (glucose), increases calorie and fat metabolism Possible modest benefit Excessive use: anxiety, agitation, insomnia, nausea, irregular heartbeat

Limited research also makes it difficult to judge the safety of a weight-loss supplement. And a product isn’t necessarily safe simply because it’s natural.

We looked at a bogus green coffee extract claim a couple of years ago.

The Federal Trade Commission has levied a fine of $3.5 million on Applied Food Sciences, the company that sponsored the study claiming that green coffee extract resulted in weight loss. Here is a quote from the FTC.

…the study’s lead investigator repeatedly altered the weights and other key measurements of the subjects, changed the length of the trial, and misstated which subjects were taking the placebo or GCA during the trial. When the lead investigator was unable to get the study published, the FTC says that AFS hired researchers Joe Vinson and Bryan Burnham at the University of Scranton to rewrite it. Despite receiving conflicting data, Vinson, Burnham, and AFS never verified the authenticity of the information used in the study, according to the complaint.

Despite the study’s flaws, AFS used it to falsely claim that GCA caused consumers to lose 17.7 pounds, 10.5 percent of body weight, and 16 percent of body fat with or without diet and exercise, in 22 weeks, the complaint alleges.

The point of all this is that researchers in India fudged the results of their study and no one followed up. This was a bogus green coffee extract claim and should be ignored. If you purchased any green coffee extract for the purpose of losing weight you may want to ask for, or demand, your money back.

There are a lot of possible uses of various chemical substances for health benefits. But in order to know if something works and does not hurt you it needs to be tested by reliable researchers. The problem is that when a company wants to make money on a product it becomes all too easy to skimp on the research and report dishonest results. People lose weight when they consume fewer calories than they expend. Weight loss pills that work in the short term like amphetamines do not confer any long term benefit. Green coffee, unlike amphetamines, is not dangerous, but why not drink roasted coffee and enjoy its flavor and aroma. Coffee has lots of benefits like preventing diabetes and various forms of cancer. Drink your coffee and watch your caloric intake and you will be OK.

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