Who Invented Coffee?

The coffee plant is native to East Africa where it still grows in its original home in the forest of the Ethiopian plateau. Thus the plant was not invented but grows naturally. However, it did take a person to roast coffee beans and brew coffee. No one really knows how coffee made it from being an upland forest plant to the most popular drink on the planet but the story goes that a goat herder named Kaldi saw his goats eating the beans of the coffee plant, getting excited, seeming to enjoy them, and not sleeping at night. The story continues that Kaldi brought berries to a nearby monastery where the abbot experimented with the berries and discovered that roasting, grinding and brewing the beans resulted in coffee as we know it. Thus the person who invented coffee in its original form was someone like the abbot in the story who first brewed coffee.

Who Invented the Coffee Business?

No matter which individual or individuals came up with the idea of roasting coffee, grinding it, and brewing it to make a cup of coffee, it would have been a local beverage in the highlands of Ethiopia without commercialization of coffee on the Arabian Peninsula in 1400s in what is today the country of Yemen. A century later trade within the Ottoman Empire had taken coffee to Persia, Syria, Egypt, and the seat of the Empire in what is today the country of Turkey. It took another hundred years for coffee to be consumed in Europe. By that time Dutch traders were planting coffee throughout the East Indies and Spanish colonials were planting it in the New World.

Who Invented The French Press?

At the seat of the Ottoman Empire coffee was made using an Ibrik. Coffee grounds were boiled just like they are for making Turkish coffee today. Over time people came up with different methods for brewing coffee. The French Press came into being in the middle of the 19th century and both the French and the Italians claim credit for inventing this method for making coffee. This method remains popular today because it is cost-effective and gives a person better control over the taste of the coffee.

Island of Java
Island of Java

Who Invented the Automatic Coffeemaker?

By the twentieth century coffee makers arrived in which boiling water was poured or dripped over coffee grounds which got rid of the problem of having grounds mixed with the coffee after boiling the coffee grounds with the coffee. Electric percolators allowed for commercial quantities of coffee to be made for restaurants or large kitchens serving many people.

Who Invented Vacuum Packed Coffee?

By the turn of the 19th to 20th century it became popular to buy roasted and ground coffee instead of buying whole beans and grinding them. In order to preserve freshness of ground coffee on the shelf the Hills Brothers invented a method of vacuum packing their coffee so all of the air was sucked out of the can of coffee before it was sealed.

K-Cup Invented in 1992

The idea of single serve coffee started with Ernesto Illy who created pre-measured espresso pods in 1974. It was 18 more years before Green Mountain invented the K-cup and so the history of invention in the world of coffee continues after hundreds of years from when coffee crossed from Africa to the Arabian Peninsula and then spread around the world.

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