Coffee From Colombia at Wholesale Prices

The best place in the world to find huge amounts of fine Arabica coffee in one location is in the coffee growing region of Colombia. There are many great coffees in the world but no coffee growing region produces the amounts of consistently great Arabica coffee that is produced in the Colombian Eje Cafetero or coffee growing axis bounded by the departments of Caldas, Risaralda, and Quindío of western Colombia. For those looking for wholesale pricing for either roasted whole bean coffee or green coffee ready for roasting, your best bet is to contact us at Buy Organic Coffee here in the heart of the Cafetero Colombiano. Simply send us an email at

How To Order Wholesale Colombian Coffee

If you send us an email regarding coffee from Colombia at wholesale prices please include the following information:

General Type of coffee: roasted whole bean, roasted ground, green coffee ready for roasting

Specific Type of Coffee: are you looking for supremo or large beans, a specific variety like bourbon rosado, typical, or Caturra or simply Arabica

Quantity of coffee that you require: how many bags of coffee, how many tons of coffee, etc. and how often you will require these amounts

Your name and address for delivery of your coffee: are you ordering as an individual or a company and to what country, city, and address shall we have your coffee delivered?

Your Contact Information: if you wish to communicate by email please provide us with your email address. If you prefer a phone call or contact via WhatsApp, please provide that information.

Coffee From Colombia at Wholesale Prices
Different Varieties of Arabica Coffee Growing at Different Altitudes Along the Coffee Highway Between Pereira and Manizales, Colombia

Fresh Green Coffee From Colombia

There is often a hidden issue when you buy coffee. The issue is its degree of freshness. Green coffee stays reasonably fresh for up to three years when stored properly. Roasted whole bean coffee remains reasonably fresh for up to six months when stored correctly. A little over a decade ago we wrote an article how the government of Brazil purchased coffee directly from coffee growers and put it into storage in order to shore up prices. The issue regarding freshness in this case was that much of this coffee stayed in storage for as long a 8 years as the government feared that dumping their stockpiles would drive prices back down again. The problem for anyone looking for green coffee was that coffee sourced from Brazil could well have lost all of its freshness, its antioxidant properties, its flavor, and its aroma. The same issue exists when anyone buys from someone who has lots of coffee stored and wishes to get rid of their older stock by selling it to you! At we help you get coffee from Colombia from the most recent harvest which means that it has been in storage for weeks or months at the most and not years and years!

Why Coffee from Colombia?

Colombia is the biggest producer and exporter of consistently high quality Arabica coffee. Similarly high quality coffee, in lesser quantities from individual growers or smaller regions is commonly promoted to the point where the price is substantially higher than what you will pay for either freshly roasted or green Arabica coffee ready to roast in commercial quantities from the Colombian coffee growing axis. Because of the high quality of coffee from Colombia it generally commands a higher price than that quoted for coffee on the NYMEX or New York Mercantile Exchange. However, this markup is a few percent as opposed to the multiples seen with heavily promoted coffees from specific coffee growers.

The point is that you can get fresh, high quality Arabica coffee from Colombia equal to the best-known brands in the world for reasonable wholesale prices via our services at with offices in Manizales, Colombia in the heart of the Colombian Eje Cafetero.

Fresh Coffee from Colombia Nevado del Ruiz
Nevado del Ruiz Volcano looming over Manizales, Colombia
in the Heart of the Colombian Coffee Growing District

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