Organic Coffee for Flavia

Organic coffee lovers support sustainable coffee production as well. There are several agencies whose certification tells you that sustainable agriculture was used to make you coffee. One of the brands that offers sustainably produced organic coffee is Alterra. They make a single serve, Flavia Alterra, which can be had as organic. These folks have been in the coffee business for more than 20 years and started out as Colectivo Coffee Roasters. You can get their coffee though their chain of coffee shops or directly from the company and of course you can find this coffee on Their coffee is certified by Rainforest Alliance.

An alternative to organic coffee certification is for a grower to be Rainforest Alliance certified. The Rainforest Alliance is a non-governmental organization that works to conserve biodiversity. It does so for agricultural products by influencing consumers to buy what is good for the environment and good for small farmers. Rainforest Alliance certified means that the coffee that you buy was produced using good land use practices. Rainforest Alliance certified coffee is part of a broader sustainable agriculture program of  tropical crops, including coffee, bananas, cocoa, oranges, cut flowers, ferns, and tea. Certified coffee farms meet a strict set of environmental standards that include preservation of the ecosystem and reduction in use of synthetic chemicals of all sorts.

The advantage for growers who are Rainforest Alliance certified as opposed to USDA certified is that Rainforest Alliance works to help growers sell their coffee at a price consistent with the work done to produce organic coffee.

Alterra Coffees

Coffee Distributing Company has a page of Flavia Alterra Sustainability and an excellent listing of their coffees.

The Rainforest Alliance is an independent non-profit which works to conserve biodiversity and promote sustainable lifestyles by transforming business and land-use practices, as well as consumer behavior. Nine ALTERRA Coffee Roasters™ coffees and three The Bright Tea Company™ teas carry the Rainforest Alliance seal, sourcing over 30% of packet contents from certified sustainably-managed farms. Barista’s Blend contains 100% Rainforest Alliance certified coffee.

This company is now owned by Mars, the candy people. Their sustainability brochure provides specifics about their coffees and how much content comes from sustainable coffee production.

We’re on a path to creating a sustainable business and, because you also care about your business, we want to support you to be sustainable too. We’re supporting you by making our products as responsible as possible. We have made some great progress so far on our sustainability journey and we want to continue this with our 5 milestones.

A big part of their sustainability plan to a goal to eventually make sure that zero percent of their products including packaging end up in landfills. This especially important for single serve coffee.

Last year we questioned if organic coffee in a K-cup made sense.

Billions of K cups go into landfills each year. If part of the reason you drink organic coffee is that you want to protect the environment then even organic coffee in a Keurig K cup is a problem. But there was a solution. Keurig also made refillable K cups under the brand, My K Cup. You could also refill these with any coffee of your choice, which would commonly be cheaper than the coffee from Keurig.

Thanks to Mars and Alterra for aiming at zero land fill content in their product.

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