Central American Wholesale Organic Coffee

If you are looking for healthy organic coffee in bulk consider Central America. It is closer to the US than other coffee growing regions and produces large amounts of both regular and organic coffee. Leading coffee producers in Central America are Guatemala which produces 250,000 metric tons a year followed by Honduras which produces 210,000 metric tons a year. The little country of Panama produces a significantly smaller amount of coffee than its larger neighbors but wins prizes for the quality of its organic coffee. Coffee farms in Central America grow Arabica varieties. Central American wholesale organic coffee can be found throughout the region although finding smaller producers requires knowledge of each nation and a facility in speaking Spanish.

Central American Coffee Production – 2007 – UN Food and Agriculture Organization

Country Metric Tons of Coffee Produced, 2007
Honduras 355,000
Guatemala 252,000
Costa Rica 124,055
El Salvador 95,456
Nicaragua 90,909
Panama 12,346

As an example of the availability of Central American wholesale organic coffee we use the smallest producer, down South on the isthmus that connects Central to South America. Panama is best known for its canal that connects Atlantic to Pacific. Its official second language is English and Panama never saw a recession in and after 2008. It has the fastest growing economy on the continent and a large expat, English speaking population. Panama grows the bulk of its coffee in the province of Chiriquí. Many growers have received Bio Latina Organic Coffee certification. Bio Latina certifies on behalf of the United States Department of Agriculture, the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, the European Union, and many US based coffee houses. The coffee growing culture around the towns of Boquete and Volcan consists mostly of small to medium-sized family owned and operated coffee farms. Sustainable agriculture is part of the tradition in this region thus the process of certification for many of these growers was largely a matter of demonstrating what they have done for generations. Both growers and processors/roasters in Panama have organic coffee certification so that the buyer is assured that sustainable organic procedures are followed from the coffee farm to the processed bag of organic coffee. Organic coffee is kept separate from regular coffee when both are grown by the same grower. Equipment is either separate or is properly cleaned before processing and storing of organic coffee.

Whether one is looking for a cup of coffee with wonderful organic coffee aroma coupled with organic coffee antioxidants or Central American wholesale organic coffee produced in forested highlands of Central America, Panama organic coffee fits the bill. Our organization, BuyOrganicCoffee.org, can help arrange shipment of individual bags of organic coffee or tons of green organic coffee beans. There are roasters in Panama that can process organic coffee grown there and bag it according to specifications. If your interest is in purchasing Central American wholesale organic coffee from Panama or anywhere else in Central America feel free to contact us at Buy Organic Coffee today. You will be glad that you did.

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