Is Cappuccino Good for You?

Cappuccino is a coffee house coffee made from espresso and a small amount of steamed milk along with a layer of foam on the top. It is very tasty and very popular. But, is cappuccino good for you? As it turns out cappuccino is good for you in moderation. Ideally, drink it without adding sugar. Research shows a twenty percent reduction in stroke risk and prevention of heart disease as well as being helpful with digestion. We might have expected this because coffee by itself has been shown to provide many health benefits.

The Coffee in Cappuccino Reduces the Risk of Type II Diabetes

Scientific studies have demonstrated a fifty percent decrease in the risk of developing type II diabetes in coffee drinkers. Drinking a cup and a half a day up to six cups a day is beneficial. The reason for this benefit seems to lie in how antioxidants in coffee reduce inflammation. Cappuccino carries the same benefit as it contains a shot of espresso. The amount of coffee (cappuccino) you drink per day improves your risk up to about six cups.

The Coffee in Cappuccino Reduces the Incidence of Various Types of Cancer

Research studies have shown that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of colorectal cancer, cancer of the endometrium, skin cancer, and cancer of the liver. In each case there appears to be a relationship between the amount of coffee and the benefit in terms of cancer risk reduction up to a point. And, in each case, the benefit appears to be related to the antioxidants contained in coffee.

Coffee and Health

Drinking Cappuccino Leads to a Longer Life

Specifically, the coffee in cappuccino reduces the risk of various types of cancer, cuts down on how likely you are to get type II diabetes, helps with athletic competition, may actually make sex better, and helps cut down the incidence of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. The sum total of these benefits is that drinking coffee (and cappuccino) leads to a longer life. Chlorogenic acid, quinic acid, kahweo and Cafestol compounds, and n-metylpyridium which is produced when coffee is roasted all are beneficial ingredients of coffee. All of these antioxidants reduce the rates of oxidation that occur in both sickness and aging. What research has shown is that the five-year risk of death is reduced in coffee drinkers with the benefit skewed toward people older than age 50.

We Drink Cappuccino Because It Tastes Good

We drink cappuccino because we like the taste. We enjoy it. One of the facts about life that stares us in the face and that we often miss is that people who enjoy themselves take better care of themselves and live longer. Having a cup of cappuccino because we like it is a perfectly good reason to drink any coffee house coffee. And, it is a bonus that any coffee beverage provides a long list of health benefits as well.

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