Does Coffee Prevent Covid?

We have noted time and again the many significant health advantages of drinking coffee. Coffee drinkers have reduced incidence of various types of cancer, type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and more. The many healthy antioxidants in coffee reduce inflammation as well. Now we have been dealing with a global pandemic and the question arises for coffee drinkers if the morning cup of Java helps. Does coffee prevent Covid? According to a study published by researchers at Northwestern University coffee may help you avoid this bad disease.

Incidence of Covid in Coffee Drinkers

According to researchers at Northwestern University both coffee and vegetables help reduce the chance of getting Covid-19. They note that good nutrition plays a strong part in keeping the immune system healthy. While being a coffee drinker does not protect you from ever getting Covid there is a 10% reduction in one’s risk of getting the disease if a person drinks a cup of coffee a day. The same risk improvement is seen with eating vegetables two days out of three. Unfortunately, eating processed meats every day takes away much of the benefit. Thus, if you want to cut down on your risk of getting Covid by 10% having a cup of coffee with your salad is a positive choice for your health. The researchers are looking into whether this benefit is specific to Covid or something that occurs with all respiratory diseases.

Roasted Organic Coffee Beans
Roasted Organic Coffee Beans

Covid Prevention

Cutting down on your risk of getting Covid by eating a salad and drinking a cup of coffee each day is a bonus. However, none of what the folks at Northwestern say indicates that you should not wear a mask when near strangers or get your Covid vaccinations. The fact is that avoidance of the germ or immunization against the germ are your best courses of action in regard to Covid-19. However, wearing a mask or getting your Covid shots do not help you avoid getting Type II diabetes like drinking coffee does. Neither does wearing a mask or getting vaccinated cut down on your risk of colon cancer, endometrial cancer, stroke, or falling asleep at the wheel when driving at night. Coffee has many benefits on top of which is a ten percent reduction in the risk of getting Covid-19.

Does the Coffee Benefit with Covid Wear Off?

One of the public health concerns as the Covid pandemic wears on it that the virus finds ways to mutate and render some vaccines less effective. The nice part about drinking coffee is that coffee (and vegetables) jazz up your immune system which will help protect you against any germ that comes your way, even a newer version of the coronavirus. What can wear off is the power of the antioxidants in coffee if the coffee becomes stale with time and exposure to air. Thus, your best bet for strong antioxidants is to buy whole bean coffee, green or roasted, store properly, and grind just enough for the day before brewing.

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