Ways to Prepare Coffee

There are many ways to prepare coffee. Coffee prepared at home is typically brewed coffee. Coffee house coffee is espresso and espresso plus other ingredients. A tried and true means of making coffee for large family gatherings is to put coffee grounds, water, and maybe a cracked egg or two into a very large pot and boil. If you live in the coffee growing regions of Latin America you probably have a wire ring on a handle which holds a cotton bag in which you place ground coffee. Boil water; pour through the suspended ground coffee into a pot or right into the cup. Add sugar or milk to the cup and enjoy. Which of the various ways to prepare coffee is best? Is regular coffee better is USDA organic coffee what you should use?

Start with the Bean

If you purchase whole bean coffee you will need to grind it before using any of the various ways to prepare coffee. Coffee comes in two general varieties, robusta and Arabica. Both varieties can be grown under sustainable growing conditions to produce healthy organic coffee. The differences between organic coffee and regular coffee are two. Organic coffee has many fewer impurities as it is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. And organic coffee helps save the earth. The sustainable practices used in growing organic coffee preserve wildlife habitat, watersheds, and small coffee farming operations in the remote areas of the world. Now that you have decided on a type of coffee bean and have ground it what are the ways to prepare coffee?

Home Brewing

Filtered or bottled water is best if your tap water is not good or has too much chlorine. A good rule of thumb is to use one to two tablespoonsful of ground coffee for every six ounces of water which is a cup. You can adjust this to your own taste. Temperature is important. Usually the most effective brewing temperature is right around 200 degrees. The most effective brewing time is around 5 minutes of a drip system, two minutes for a French press or plunger system, and thirty seconds for making espresso with very finely ground coffee. No matter which of the way to prepare coffee you use make sure to drink your coffee right after it is made. The regular or organic coffee antioxidants provide a great flavor. Enjoy your coffee fresh.

If you like the idea of the cloth bag approach, make sure to grind your coffee very fine. Boil water and let it rest just for a minute at sea level. If you are in the mountains, the land of eternal spring, in Latin America your water will boil at less than 212 degrees so boil and pour.

Coffee Shop Coffee

Making good espresso really requires an espresso maker. You make espresso by forcing nearly boiling water through very finely ground coffee beans. This gives the coffee a stronger taste, thicker consistency, and higher caffeine concentration. It is served in one ounce quantities. If you want to jazz up your espresso add chocolate syrup to make mocha or steamed milk to make latte. By the way, if you want “Americano” it is just half espresso and half water. The GI’s in Europe after World War II remembered Mom’s coffee and asked the barista to water down their espresso to taste.

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