Are You What You Eat?

That old saying, “You are what you eat” has been around for a while. I am kind of inclined to believe that there is a lot to the concept.

Our food supply is filled with toxic substances. I know, I know. The government has established safety guidelines for how much of the toxic substances we can safely eat. Wait! EATING any toxic substances doesn’t sound all that safe to me. When I read that the levels of “safety” were determined for grown men who weighed at least 154 pounds, I was shocked. What about all of the people who are smaller? Are the same levels “safe” for women? When was the last time you saw a little kid that weighed 154 pounds of either sex? Are these “guidelines” relevant – much less effective? If we really are what we eat, right now most Americans would be toxic.

What is called “conventional” food production techniques include the use of chemical fertilizers (some of which end up IN the food), toxic pesticides (some of which end up ON the food) and drugs like antibiotics and growth hormones. Food that is processed and packaged is filled with artificial flavor enhancers and preservatives, many of which are known to be unsafe at high levels of consumption. Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients on packaged food? Good grief! I can’t even pronounce most of those words. What ARE they?

Well, if we really are what we eat, all of those things are us. They are in our bodies. They circulate through our systems. The question is, are they really safe? I’m not so sure that they are. We are what we eat – or so “they” say, and I choose to be nontoxic and drug free. What do you choose?

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