Making the Organic Food Argument

I really don’t understand why there would be any argument in the first place about organic food being better and better for the human body than conventionally produced food. Every indicator says that organic food is better. There isn’t even a very convincing argument that conventionally produced food is better for anybody other than the producers. At the moment, it’s true that organically produced food is more expensive than conventionally produced food, but when (if) organic methods are more widely used, the prices will likely be very nearly the same.

But in making the organic food argument, I can point to the following facts with the utmost confidence:

* Organic fruits and vegetables have a higher content of the trace minerals needed by the human body.

* Organic fruits and vegetables have a higher content of vitamins than conventionally grown produce.

* Organic fruits and vegetables have a higher (MUCH higher) level of antioxidants than do conventionally grown plants.

* The meat from meat-producing livestock that were raised using organic methods does not contain growth hormones or antibiotics.

* Milk from milk cows that are fed only an organic diet does not contain growth hormones or antibiotics. The same is true for dairy products like cream and cheese.

* Eggs that are laid by chickens that are fed only a diet of organic feed do not contain antibiotics or growth hormones, either.

The reason that producers use conventional production methods (pesticides, fertilizers, drugs) is because these conventional methods increase production and decrease cost. Basically, conventional methods are more beneficial to the producer’s bottom line than are organic methods that do not use pesticides, fertilizers, or drugs.

Organic food producers work in harmony with nature. They employ such tactics as fertilizing soil with such things as grass clippings or dried leaves rather than toxic chemicals. For insect control, they use “good” bugs to control “bad bugs” rather than toxic pesticides. Meat producing animals are fed a diet of only organic feed and no antibiotics, growth hormones, or other drugs are used.

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