Organic Baby Food

Advertising is slick. You really have to pay very close attention to EXACTLY what is said. For example, the companies that produce baby food say that they “screen” for nitrates. They don’t say that there are no nitrates in the baby food, though. I have no doubt that they “screen” for nitrates, but that isn’t the point. The point is that there ARE nitrates in commercially produced baby food…ALL of it, except for what is advertised as “certified organic.”

Poor little helpless babies! They open their little mouths and let their mommies insert whatever food they want. It’s up to the mommies and the daddies of this world to insure that those little babies are being fed safe, nitrate-free, food.

Basically, there are two choices. Parents can buy organically grown foods and make safe organic baby food at home, or they can buy “certified organic” baby food at many grocery stores and on the Internet.

There is basically no difference in the taste or color of organic baby food and conventionally produced baby food. It looks the same and it tastes the same. Both have basically the same food value. The difference is that there are no toxic chemicals in the organic baby food. There ARE toxic chemicals in the conventionally produced baby food.

Conventionally produced baby food is generally produced according to standards set up by the government. The USDA and the FDA put forth “guidelines” about what acceptable levels of toxins in foods are. Did you get that? ACCEPTABLE LEVELS! That means that there is SOME level, doesn’t it? What they don’t tell you is that these levels were determined by tests done on grown men who weighed an average of 154 pounds, and NOT on little babies that weight 10 pounds or toddlers that weigh 30 pounds. Personally, I think that going organic is the very thing to do where your little baby is concerned!

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