Organic Cooking Schools

People are demanding organically produced foods. The demand gets stronger every day. With every “tainted food” headline, more and more people are seeking the safety provided by organically produced, processed, and packaged foods. We can’t see the demand lessening as long as countries like China that still permit the use of the dangerous and highly toxic chemical DDT continue to ship food worldwide.

The beef producers have been arguing and campaigning for more years than I care to count for “country of origin” labels on beef. The government resists. There are no “country of origin” labels on beef or any other products, and you can be pretty sure that there won’t be.

With the growth in the demand for organically produced food, there is a corresponding demand for restaurants that serve only organic food. Restaurants all share one common need – they must have cooks, or chefs. These chefs must understand the principles of organic food and preparing food organically.

Not only must the uncooked food that is shipped into a restaurant be organic, but the seasonings, spices, and even the preparation techniques must also meet organic standards.

Because of demand, there are more and more cooking schools that are specializing in teaching future chefs how to handle and prepare organic food. There’s a lot to learn. There are a great many cooking schools out there in the world that are housed in brick-and-mortar buildings. There are even more organic cooking schools online that can teach professional cooks or just homemakers how to cook organically.

I’ve had people ask me if organic cooking wasn’t boring – there ARE all of those fruits and veggies. My answer is an emphatic NO. Organic is interesting – more interesting even than cooking traditionally. There’s so much room for real creativity!

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