Organic Milk

You’re going to be finding more organic milk in the dairy cases of your local supermarket. The reason is simple. The demand for organic milk has exploded! Pediatricians are recommending organic milk, and parents are demanding that organic milk be made available. As we all know, supply and demand is what drives the marketplace. You can bet that when demand increases, so will supply.

Why are pediatricians recommending organic milk for their tiny patients? The answer is rather simple – organic milk is healthier. It provides more antioxidants, more vitamins, and more minerals than nonorganic milk, not to mention that organic milk doesn’t contain those nasty (and dangerous) drugs like antibiotics and growth hormones that nonorganic milk contains. There are even pediatricians who are saying that, unless the mother eats a completely organic diet, organic milk is better for the baby than is breast milk.

A recent study conducted at the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences and at the University of Newcastle found that organic milk has 50% more of the alpha tocopherol compound of Vitamin E, 75% more beta carotene (used by our bodies to convert to Vitamin A), and has almost three times more antioxidants than nonorganic cow’s milk.

There’s more. The study also revealed that the organic milk contained higher levels of Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Omega-3 deficiency has been cited as the cause of various health problems in small children, like heart disease, inflammation skin diseases like eczema, cancer, arthritis, and others.

It isn’t hard to see why parents are demanding organically produced milk. Parents want the best for their children, and obviously organic milk is better for the children, so you’ll be seeing more and more organic milk on the shelves of the dairy cases at your local super markets.

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