Organic Restaurants

Because the food industry is beginning to understand the importance of organic food to consumers, it is getting easier to find restaurants that serve organic food. Finally, the prepared food industry is “getting it” that genetically altered food, and all of the additives and hormones and other chemicals in the food they serve to their customers are adding to the problems of disease, unhealthy old age, and poor nutrition. More and more people are demanding healthy organic food options even when they eat out. It’s about time!

Even fast food restaurants have began offering lower- calorie or lower-carbohydrate options on their menus. Now these choices are not organic, don’t misunderstand me, but they are at least a step in the right direction and, who knows, if we keep on keeping on, maybe we’ll even convince McDonald’s to go organic. Well, okay – probably not in this lifetime, but maybe someday.

Organic restaurants are still not plentiful, and they aren’t all that easy to find. You’re not likely to find them on the interstate highways, but they are out there. There are now organic restaurants in most large cities in all states. Each restaurant is an independent business. So far there is no national chain of organic restaurants – but that can’t be too far down the road. As more and more people are demanding healthy organic food choices when they eat out in restaurants, there will be more and more such restaurants, and even those that do offer a completely organic menu are beginning to offer organic choices.

The thing is, it is just as easy to prepare food that was raised without toxic fertilizers and toxic pesticides and drugs than food that was raised with those noxious chemicals. There is no reason why restaurants could not offer organic food choices on the same menu as nonorganic choices. They will – more and more are already doing that.

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