Organic Snacks

Americans like to snack. We are a nation of nibblers. Have you noticed that every social occasion, no matter how casual, includes snacks? If you have coffee with a neighbor, there will be some cookies or cakes offered along with the coffee. If you go to a soccer game, there will be soft drinks and packaged snacks. If you gather for an evening of cards with friends…yep, more snacks.

Even if you try hard to eat organic meals and serve organic meals to your family all of those nonorganic snacks might be defeating your efforts. And, let’s face it, we can keep all of the organic fruits and vegetables in the house that we want, but there comes a time when you and your family just want something that is sweet – cookies, candy, etc. Don’t feel bad – it happens in the best and most organic of families.

The trick is to keep snacks available that meet your organic standards. And, yes, there really are organic cookies, candy, and even salty munchies available. They aren’t really readily available (yet – we’re working on it) but they can be found.

There are a great many websites that actually specialize in providing organic snacks that are healthy but that taste good and are free of chemicals, flavor enhancers, and preservatives. It’s true that we can’t go around preaching organic, but we can eat organic as much as we can and see to it that our families have organic snacks available.

We aren’t going to convert the world to organic food overnight – probably not over our lifetime – but we can serve organic snacks to our friends and families and we can send organic snacks as gifts. When others taste how good these foods are and even peek (with your encouragement) at the ingredients, the organic food movement will slowly gain strength and momentum – one organic cookie at a time.

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