Drink Coffee to Avoid Gallstones

OK folks, here is one more benefit of drinking healthy coffee, and especially healthy organic coffee. It turns out that long term steady coffee consumption can reduce the risk of gallstones. What? Drink coffee to avoid gallstones? Well, you probably already like coffee or you would not be reading this so you do not need to drink coffee to avoid gallstones. You simply need to enjoy your coffee, not decaf, and get one more added benefit of coffee consumption. Where does this information come from? Scientists at the Harvard School of Public Heath set up a prospective study. This means that they set out to test whether or not something was true. In this case they compared coffee drinkers with non-coffee drinkers and two to three cups a day drinkers with four or more cup a day drinkers. They followed over forty thousand men for ten years. They recorded coffee consumption and consumption of other caffeinated drinks and whether or not these men ended up with symptomatic gall bladder disease and gall stones. The men in the study at the beginning ranged from forty to seventy-five years of age. The scientists only were interested in men who did not already have gall bladder disease.

So What Were the Results?

The researchers found that premise that you can drink coffee to avoid gallstones may well be true. Out of the forty thousand men in the study over a decade just over a thousand developed gall bladder disease, symptoms and stones. It turned out, all other factors being equal, that men who drank two to three cups of coffee a day had six tenths as many cases of gall bladder disease as men who did not drink coffee. Men who drank four cups or more a day had 55% the risk of getting gall bladder disease as non-coffee drinkers. This effect did not hold for decaf drinkers! The fact that you can apparently drink coffee to avoid gallstones held true for all brewing methods. Organic coffee was not tested versus regular coffee.

So What about Gall Bladder Disease?

Gall stones affect twenty million Americans and result in eight hundred thousand hospitalizations a year. The direct cost of this is two billion dollars in 1999 dollars (when the study was reported). If all adult Americans were to drink coffee to avoid gallstones it might make a lot of people less sick and potentially save sixty percent of two billion ($1.2 Billion) in direct costs.

How about Organic Coffee in This Story?

We know that regular and organic coffee antioxidants are good for you. They appear to be related to reduced risks of cancers of the prostate, endometrium, colon, and liver and have been associated with a huge decrease in the risk of Type II Diabetes. The special benefits to you of good organic coffee are that it is typically high quality coffee and that you avoid drinking well over a hundred impurities with your coffee. Now you can enjoy your great organic coffee and be comforted that you are nearly cutting the risk of getting gall stones in half!

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